Monday, April 13, 2009

5- 3 Huskies final

Andrew Leenhouts goes 3.2 innings with six strikeouts.

The bases are loaded, (through no fault of his own) but he gets Sam Boone to ground into a 6-4-3 double play before Dan Zehr comes in for the final out and the save.

4-0 NU going into bottom 6

Sometimes its not how hard but where you hit them. Matt Miller blooped a single over the head of second baseman Adam Tempesta, scoring Ryan Maguire, who had bunted and then stolen second. Andrew Leenhouts is in for NU and promptly struck out the first two batters before giving up a single to Tom Conley.

Les Williams went five innings, allowing no runs on four hits with five strikeouts.

For UMass, Brian Leigh went 5 2/3 innings, allowing four runs on ten hits.

EDIT: Leenhouts gets Matt Gedman to pop out to third, ending the inning.

EDIT: David Gustafson bloops a double to right,... scoring James Donaldson. 5-0 Huskies.

Huskies 3-0

NU scores three in the top of the third to take a 3-0 lead. UMass gets a man to second in the bottom of the fourth, but Les Williams gets Matt Gedman to pop out to end the inning.

3-0 Huskies heading into the top of the fifth.

Welcome to Fenway

BC downed Harvard in the opener and now we are getting ready for the championship game between the Huskies and Minuteman.

Here's the lineup for each team, starting with the visiting Huskies:

Northeastern (17-11, 5-4 CAA)

Matt Miller RF
Frank Compagnone LF
Mike Tamsin 3B
James Donaldson 2B
Frank Pesanello C
Tony DiCesare DH
David Gustafson CF
Brendan Stokes 1B
Ryan Maguire SS

LHP Les Williams (0-0, 4.20)

Massachusetts ((10-18, 4-8 A-10)

Sam Boone 3B
Adam Tempesta 2B
Brian Baudinet CF
Jim MacDonald DH
Mike Donato RF
Peter Copa 1B
Tom Conley C
Matt Gedman SS
Kyle Multner LF

Ryan Leigh (0-4, 3.45)

The National Anthem has just been sung and now the teams are huddling on the field, so we should be ready to get underway soon.

And at just about 5:40 we are underway. Miller grounds out to short to start the game.

Friday, April 10, 2009


It's warm out, classes are starting to wrap up and I'm getting closer and closer to graduation and getting ready to go out into the real world. At first I was ecstatic about being done with school; now I'm not so sure. Anyways, part of my class assignment is to post some final thoughts about my blogging experience.

I actually started this blog way back in November as a way to provide updates at the women's soccer NCAA tournament games. My volleyball writer at the Huntington News live-blogged the CAA volleyball tourney at Cabot...and then things kind of went dead.

But starting Online Journalism in the spring semester gave me a reason to start the blog again and I have to say its been a good experience. I've live blogged the Beanpot, Hockey East playoffs and will be providing updates from Fenway Park at the NU-UMass Beanpot final Monday evening. I wish I was a little better at uploading audio and pictures to go along with some of my posts-some of the interviews I posted from the Beanpot were a little sloppy. I also wish I was a little more timely with some of my posts- sometimes I'd upload audio a few days after an event.

Overall this has been a good experience. I've gotten some good feedback from the few readers I've had. I hope to keep this up, although I'm not sure what subject matter it will be on. If I am around Northeastern in the fall, you bet I will be following Husky sports and giving my thoughts on here.